Care Information

At Down The Road, we're committed to enhancing your experience on the bike with high end materials and sleek designs. Ensure your gear stays top-notch with these tips:

1- Select a gentle washing mode and ensure that the water temperature does not go beyond 30°C.

2- Opt for liquid or natural soaps while avoiding bleaches and softeners.

3- You can either use a laundry bag or wash your cycling clothes separately. 

4- Turn your garment inside out and close the zipper. 

5- Lay your clothes flat to dry, air dry in shade, avoid machine drying and don't iron your cycling apparel. 


- Follow the instruction given yo your in your package. 
- Sort clothes by color.
- Avoid fabric softener and dry cleaning.
- Soaking isn't ideal.

Questions? Reach out at for expert guidance on caring for your Down The Road apparel.