Local Rides

Every week we host rides from (TBC). We have a coffee ride suitable for everyone. Come and enjoy of a beginner friednly ride or a recovery ride. 

Social Ride

Tuesday & Thursday

More information coming soon.


Ride Policy

At DTR social ride, we follow a no-drop policy, meaning that no one is left behind due to technical issues or traffic situations. The riders that join are expected to have a basic level of fitness and bike skills. If you are unable to keep up with the group due to your fitness level, we may suggest riding byyourself at your own pace. With this said, all social rides are at an easy pace as a beginner friendly ride or a recovery ride for those more experienced riders.

During rides, there will always be sprints, hills and segments that brake the group. While is fine to push youself, please wait to regroup at the designated point.

By joining DTR rides, you accept full responsibility for any costs or damages, whether to yourself or others.

Safety is paramount, so helmets and cleat pedals are mandatory. Additionally, we have some restrictions: fixies, bikes without brakes, tour bikes, aero bikes, and bikes with mounted aero bars are not allowed. For road cycling rides, mountain bikes are also not permitted. We adhere strictly to Spanish traffic regulations and assume participants are familiar with group riding etiquette.